Biking in Rome City

Biking in Rome City

Whereas some years ago it was difficult to imagine Rome being a city suitable for bicycles or biking in Rome city, today we can confidently say that it is and it rather seems that the use of bikes is beginning to grow as a valid alternative to cars.

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Biking in Rome city

Bicycles, in fact, can enter pedestrian areas and limited traffic areas, which constitute 50% of Rome’s centre. You can avoid the traffic and at the same time discover a whole variety of alternative roads that represent Roman atmospheres at their best and find out that Rome is one of the biggest urban historical-archaeological areas in the world! Too big to be visited on foot and often inaccessible to motor vehicles.

Rome's centre
Rome’s centre

Bicycle technology has evolved, thus allowing cyclists to enjoy any kind of landscape with the most appropriate models (electric bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, road bikes, folding bikes, etc.).

That’s why today we can undoubtedly say that: Bicycles are the ideal means of transport in Rome! Especially during the Papal Jubilee

Suggestion for a bike tour in Italy

Hire one of our high quality mountain bikes, trekking bikes, speed bikes, tandems or road bikes, spend a few days cycling in Rome, (it’s best if you join one or more of our Rome bike tours) and then one week riding in a beautiful place near Rome, such as Tuscany, the Isle of Elba, Umbria, Sardinia, Corsica, National Park of Abruzzo and so on.

National Park of Abruzzo
National Park of Abruzzo


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